Network Lead: Dr. Thierry Lacaze-Masmonteil

Dr. Thierry Lacaze-Masmonteil received his medical degree from the University Paris 5 - René Descartes in 1993 and a PhD in biological sciences at the University Paris 7 - Pierre et Marie Curie in 1995. He completed a fellowship in Neonatology in 1997 and a Master in Epidemiology in 2000. He was appointed professor of Pediatrics at the University Paris 11 in 1997. Thierry moved to Edmonton, Alberta, in 2003 to become the inaugural director of the Women and Children Health Research Institute (WCHRI) in 2006. In 2010, He was recruited as a senior scientist at the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO) Research Institute and was the scientific director of the Clinical Research Unit at CHEO from 2011 to 2015. Since 2016, Thierry has been the section head of Neonatology at the Cumming School of Medicine, and the regional program director of Neonatology at Alberta Health Services. His areas of study include clinical trials with an emphasis on medications. He has led the KidsCAN initiative since its inception (2014).


Network Coordinator: Meghan Linsdell, MSc

Meghan facilitates network communication and meetings, assists with ethics and regulatory issues, coordinates research team activities, facilitates the development of new capacity in the network, as well as helps to identify new strategic opportunities. Meghan’s position is supported by WCHRI at the University of Alberta


Data platform: Dr. Lawrence Richer, Lead

The Data Coordinating Centre (DCC) provides services related to the planning, development, management, and secure implementation of data systems to achieve the aims of clinical trials. The DCC, led by Dr. Richer and located in Edmonton at WCHRI, is already established and composed of a senior clinical data specialist, two junior data specialists, and one biostatistician. All data systems are compliant with Health Canada regulations and meet the new GCP guidelines. The DCC operates on a cost-recovery basis.


Methods platform: Dr. Martin Offringa, Lead

The Methods Core, led by Martin Offringa at SickKids, works with trial teams to develop and apply new methods for pragmatic clinical trials in children. He has assembled a team of methodology experts in Toronto who are ready and willing to engage with pediatric clinical researchers across the country. Areas of interest include economic evaluation, bridging evidence synthesis, observational data and decision analysis, application and extension of predictive models in health economics, value of information methods, management trials, crossover trials, non-nested regression analysis, and bivariate response models. Working with the DCC, the methods core will develop and implement effective data management strategies for clinical trials, tailored to unique trial requirements, assistance with methodology (i.e. adaptive design), and interim reporting needs as well as remote training for use of the data systems.

Steering Committee

  • Breanne Stewart, WCHRI

  • Catherine Litalien, Université de Montréal

  • Geert t’Jong, CHRIM, University of Manitoba

  • Lawrence Richer, WCHRI, NACTRC, University of Alberta

  • Martin Offringa, SickKids

  • Regis Vaillancourt, CHEO

  • Richard Huntsman, University of Saskatchewan

  • Samira Samiee-Zafarghandy, McMaster University

  • Stephen Barbazuk, MICYRN, University of British Columbia

  • Sylvain Baruchel, SickKids Research Institute

  • Sylvain Chrétien, Pediapharm

  • Thierry Lacaze-Masmonteil, ACHRI, University of Calgary

  • Lauren Kelly, George and Fay Yee Centre for Healthcare Innovation